It’s summer time. Do you know what that means? It means drinking some beer! I know some of you are going to be all over this concept. Wait. Allow us to introduce you to some delicious treats that you can add to your beer. Now, some of these might appear to be a bit odd at first. Just remember, sometimes looks can be deceiving and the taste is what truly shines.

1)We first have the tomato. There are so many different varieties of cherries to choose from. You got your cherries and your tear drops. Small is okay. Bigger is better though. Bigger tomatoes will only add more taste and texture to your beer. Give it a try. You might just be surprised.

2)We have peaches. This is a favorite summer treat for many of us. Try adding some peaches into the mix. It’s the salt in the peaches that will push it over the edge. Just try it.

3)Next we have the cucumbers. It’s best to use the lemon or the Parisian cucumbers. Add in some vinegar and pow. You have got something tasty to brighten up you taste buds. It’s best to choose a light ale with this one. The heavier ones will only take away from the experience.

4) Blackberries are a personal favorite for many. Most people eat them without the beer. Hey, why not try it. The fruity flavor might just add in something special.

5) Sour cherries are another thing you can try. These are sort of hard to find. If you are lucky to find a box of them, buy them up. If you don’t, someone else will get their hands on them. It’s going to be a different way to taste beer, that’s for sure.

Photo by .waldec