There are some things we just know. Russia is famous for Vodka; it’s their “thing.” France is likewise famous for its wine, and more specifically for its champagne, but what about beer? If you had to list the top five beer making nations on the planet, what would such a list look like? Below, you’ll find our picks. Our selection was made not just on the sheer amount produced, although clearly that plays a role, but also on the nation’s brewing history.


Canada makes the cut for both its long tradition of brewing, plus some star studded brands. Labatt, Sleeman, Moosehead and Molson are all staples of the beer drinking world, which secures Canada a spot on the list. More than that though, there is the depth of commitment to microbrewing that you see in Canada today. That really makes them a remarkable entrant, because not all nations do that as thoroughly and completely as Canada has.

4.The United States

No list would be complete without the United States. In the US, beer makes up 85% of all the alcohol consumed. Additionally, the US is home to more than 1400 breweries that run the full gamut from micro to mega, and it’s such a vast nation that distinctive regional flavors have not only cropped up, but have flourished and thrived.


Belgium’s entry in the top five is secured by the existence of Stella Artois alone, when of the most widely distributed beers in the world. With fifteen different brands being distributed, Belgium takes top honors where macro-breweries are concerned, and that alone secures them a high place on the list. But it’s the small artisanal breweries and the Belgians’ wholehearted dedication to drinking beer that make this tiny country a standout in the beer world.


The home of Oktoberfest, Germany is well known the world over for their masterful brews. Germany and beer are nearly synonymous. It’s a huge part of German culture. “Lift you stein and drink you beer” might be the national slogan of Germany. The German contribution to the world of beer is undoubtedly the lager style.


There are many reasons why England gets top billing. England has a long, proud brewing tradition, and produces some of the finest beers ever made. The English famously love to drink, but what is often not realized is that along with the unfortunate culture of binge drinking, goes a dedication to the finer points of the enjoyment of gourmet real ales.

Germany may one day knock England from its throne, but it would take quite a lot. Also consider that Scotland (part of Great Britain) by itself comes in at number six, just missing the list, and that Canada is part of the Commonwealth, receiving much of its beer tradition from the mother country. England’s position of dominance is all but assured.

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