Many beer drinkers look forward to visiting several festivals a year, but you don’t like them all equally. For those that you absolutely love though, like the Grand Prairie BeerFest, you don’t just return year after year, but you get your tickets as early as you can because the event always sells out!

Edmonton International BeerFest is coming to Grand Prairie and is getting bigger and better every year, occupying 18,000 sq. ft. of space. There are numerous events with hundreds of beers for you to sample, including Grand Prairie’s best serving establishment, as well as a fantastic line-up of entertainment.

So, what makes a great beer festival?

From the organiser’s point of view, it would have to be one that sells out, runs out of beer, and everyone goes home happy. The running out of beer part is flexible, since it mostly depends on how well you can estimate your order so everyone is satisfied, without pouring any beer down the drain.

From the beer lover, there are several things that matter.

  1. Being able to find quality beers

It is hard for organisers to ensure that both the early and late attenders can get to sample the interesting beers. If all the top beers were availed at the beginning of the festival, then those attending later would not be expecting to find any interesting beers. Some festivals mark reserve beers in the programme, though it is unlikely that attenders would miss good beer from hundreds of beer options.

  1. Being able to accomplish your goals

People visit festivals for different reasons. Some go for the new beers and breweries, others for the local beers they can’t get in their local area, and some for tried and tested beers they enjoy. Many large festivals tend to accommodate all types of visitors, though the smaller ones can concentrate on one of the three areas.

  1. Venue

Some festivals are held in completely unsuitable places, so it is important to consider the clientele you’re expecting and the ideal environment for them: pub or open ground. Beer lovers need a decent environment to be able to enjoy their drinks.

So, what every beer lover wants at a festival is a great, entertaining environment to drink quality beer that is reasonably priced and in good nick.

Come and have a great time September  25 -26 at Bowes Family Crystal Gardens, Get your TICKETS TODAY!