Beer is one of the world most loved beverage. It is an alcoholic beverage produced by saccharification of starch and fermentation of the resulting sugars. The sacchrification enzymes and starch are derived from malted materials that include malted wheat and barley. Other ingredients used to brew beer include water, starch source, flavoring agents, yeast for fermentation, and sometimes a clarifying agent.

There are different flavors agents used by the breweries to come with a unique flavor for their clients. For a brewery to come up with a new flavor they are influenced some factors. The factors include:

Need of originality

There are very many beer brewing companies that produce beer that has a similar flavor. A beer brewing company may try to break the monotony and create their own unique flavor. This helps a company to create its own customer base. This is because most beer customers like trying out new flavored beers.

The needs of the clients

A beer company may create a new flavor for beer to cater for their customer needs. Most customers like the adventure of trying new flavors of beers rather than the common flavors.

To develop new variety of beers

We all know that there are different types of beers all over the world. If a beer brewing company wants to make another variety of beer, the company must come up with a new flavor.

A beer brewing company may come up with a new flavor through a number of ways. For a company to come up with a new flavor it takes one common flavor and manipulate it by adding a new ingredient. For example, a company can pick malt flavor and add coconut flavor to come with a new relishing flavor. Other beer flavors include crisp, hop, roast, smoke, fruit & spice, and tart & funky flavors.

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Photo Source: Pixabay