On April 1st and 2nd, 2016, thousands of beer lovers will be at the Shaw Conference Centre to live and experience yet another edition of Edmonton’s International BeerFest.

The festival is an experience that goes far beyond throwing back a few beers. It incorporates some good time with good company, music, fun learning, food and beer. Like always this year’s event guarantees fun. Lots and lots of fun.

The festival promises a high level of entertainment. It will feature numerous musicians and bands whose electrifying live music is reason enough to attend. In 2015, the musical lineup included Edmonton’s Lyra Brown, Cadence & Nathan, Rob Taylor, The Moanin’ After, Braden Gates, and Carrie Day.

Every year, there are also world-class guest speakers offering insight on matters of beer and food. In 2015, the event invited David Ort and Patrick McMurray to talk about food and beer pairing and oyster appreciation respectively.

And of course celebrating beer is the reason for the occasion. In attendance will be hundreds of local and international microbreweries, medium size breweries, and multinational breweries. Some have brewed for centuries, and others are startups yearning to stretch our taste buds. The only common denominator among the exhibiting brewers is a passion for brewing and the love and appreciation of a quality brew.

All those participating breweries will bring over 200 varieties of beer. Apart from familiar brands, you can expect to find samples of gluten-free beer, chocolate stouts and pale ales. If you have not discovered a beer that matches your personality and style, taste those varieties, and you will fall in love with one or more beers.

You can also look forward to some innovative products from brewers such as Big Rock Brewery. If you love lagers, make sure to check out Yellowhead Brewery’s delicious lagers. You can also sample Steam Whistle’s Premium Pilsner. If amazing ales are your kind of beer, make a date with among others, Big Surf Beer co., and Parallel 49 Brewing Company.

Good music, friendly company and lots of beer create the right atmosphere for a blast. It’s no wonder then that Edmonton’s BeerFest has sold out six years straight. Get your tickets early and wait to have the time of your life.

Photo Source: Pixabay.com