Most people prefer to drink their beer, at BeerFest we agree, but we all know there are times when some is leftover. However, we can’t bear to see it just poured down the sink when the party is over or when that batch of home brew goes wrong. So, we took some time to have some fun and experiment with more than one unusual use for leftover brew.

1. Make Incredible Bread
Cooking with beer is not new whether you have it in your hand or in the recipe. Since it is basically liquid bread it doesn’t take much to make actual bread out of it. Just add some flour and salt and you can make wonderfully crispy flat bread. Recipe:

2. Roast A Moist Wonderful Chicken
Even when the lager has gone flat it can still perk up your chicken. Take that half-full can of lager and place the large cavity of the chicken over it. You can throw it in the oven or on the barbecue and the lager will evaporate as it cooks. This will leave you with a delicious, flavorful, lager infused bird.

3. Move Over Pledge.
Next time your favorite klutz comes over and spills his drink on your pristine finished wooden coffee you don’t have to fret. Just take out some of that leftover flat ale and apply it to the wood using a soft cloth. This will leave a nice sheen on your furniture and it will smell a little like ale. Just make sure to test an inconspicuous spot first.

4. Polish That Pot.
Beer is slightly acidic so it helps break down tarnish on brass and copper pots. Put a little on a clean cloth and buff. That and a little elbow grease will make those pots shine.

5. Keep Insects Away!
Humans aren’t the only ale drinkers out there. Forget the citronella candles, keep the bugs away by placing bowls of suds away from the party. The insects are attracted to the sugars in the liquid. Just remember to keep uncle Bill away from them.

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