A strange combination of beer, alcohol and fire that winds up tasting like Dr. Pepper. It also tastes like Dr. Pepper coming back up so I would recommend only having a couple of these.

1/4 oz 151 Rum
3/4 oz Amaretto
1 12 oz Beer
1 pint glass
1 shot glass
Matches or a lighter

1) Fill the pint glass 3/4 full with a cheap lager such as Coors, Bud, etc. This should amount to about 1 12 oz beer.
2) Take the shot glass and fill it 3/4 full with Amaretto. Fill the rest of the glass with 151 Rum. The Rum must go in last.
3) Light the liquid in the shot glass on fire.
4) Drop the shot glass into the pint glass full of beer.
5) Chug the drink as fast as you can.

Source: Beer Shot

Photo Credit: Shutterstock