Canada has a well-established brewing scene. Apart from a few old beers, the country has a booming craft beer industry. Among the many beers available, here are five top-rated beers in Canada.  
Péché Mortel– Brasserie Dieu du Ciel! 
Péché Mortel is a black and dense beer with distinctive roasted flavors. Its brewers infuse fair trade coffee in the brewing process to intensify the beer’s bitterness and give the brew a robust coffee taste.  
The beer was historically brewed in England mainly for the Russian tsar’s court. It’s stout style, bitterness, and high alcohol content helped to preserve the drink during the long export journey. 
La Fin Du Monde-Unibroue  
Unibroue has brewed this Triple-style Golden Ale since February 1994. This top-rated beer has a blonde with a golden hue color. It forms a white, creamy and generous head and Champaign-like bubbles. It has a mildly yeasty flavor that combines a complex taste of malt, fruit, and spice with a smooth dry finish. It has a complex aroma of flowers, honey, coriander, spice, malt, and honey. Unibroue recommends serving this beer at a temperature of 12ºC–14ºC / 54ºF- 57ºF. Serve your La Fin Du Monde in a tulip. 
Fat Tug IPA- Driftwood Brewery 
This northwest style India Pale Ale is the beer for a hop aficionado. Fat Tug has an intense hop profile featuring melon, grapefruit, mango and restrained malt notes. 
Red Racer IPA- Central City Brewers + Distillers 
This style of ale was designed to withstand the shipping from England to India during the British colonization. This hoppy brew has an intense aroma and a lingering finish that make it a beer for the connoisseur. Red Racer IPA is known as Red Betty IPA in the USA. 
Sartori Harvest IPA – Driftwood Brewery 
This fresh, wet-hopped IPA is a special release beer. It’s brewed once a year, in the middle of the hop harvest. The beer uses fresh Centennial hops that make it singular and remarkable. 
You can sample top-rated Canadian beers at the upcoming Edmonton’s International Beerfest. In the festival’s tradition, there will be many beer exhibitors and music bands. The event is on April 1-2, 2016 at the Shaw Conference Centre. You can buy your tickets online. 


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