This year at BeerFest we are updating our BeerGod passes to pay homage to the ancient gods of drinking and beer! These passes give you the ultimate access to the show, so you truly feel like a god among mortals!

Learn all about the ancient gods of beer and drinking featured on our passes:



God of the sea in Norse mythology, Aegir had control of storms and ocean waves. He is also known as the God of brewing and beer! Aegir was responsible for brewing ale for the other gods after Thor brought him a giant kettle. Every winter, the gods would gather at Aegirs home and celebrate by drinking his delicious ale.

Aegir was always surrounded by mermaids and nixes while he was in his hall which was located under the sea. He lived there with his wife Rana and his nine daughters who were said to be the waves of the ocean.

Aegir was famed for his hospitality, the cups in his hall were always full refilling as soon as they emptied through his magic. He covered his floors with gold to create light instead of having a fire!



In ancient Greek mythology, Dionysus is the god of intoxicating drinks like beer and wine. He is also regarded as the Liberator because he frees oneself with the stimulating effect of alcoholic drinks.

Dionysus is the son of Zeus; raised in a cave on the mythical Mount Nysa by Seilonos and Nysiades and tutored by Silenus.

Dionysus is portrayed in one of two forms: a pretty, long-haired effeminate youth or an older bearded god. His attributes include a drinking cup, thethyrsos (pine-cone tipped staff), leopard and fruiting vine, and entourage comprising a troop of Mainades (nymphs or female devotees) and Satyrs.



Silenus is famously known for being the Ancient Greek god of beer. He is also considered a drinking companion, and is often associated with his pal, Dionysus.

Silenus is portrayed as a bald, fat man with a beer belly, and is always drunk. In fact, the Greek mythology states that he had to be carried by donkeys or satyrs  who were mythical wood-dwelling creatures with the head and body of a human being but ears, legs, and horns of a goat!

Silenus was also a god of drunkenness who preferred to remain seated on the back of a donkey while riding Dionysus’ train. He was portrayed as a hairy and balding, jovial old man with a snub nose and pot-belly, and the tail and ears of an ass. This satyr form was considered the foster-father of Dionysus, who was delivered under his care following his birth from the thigh of Zeus.




Ninkasi is perhaps the earliest goddess to be associated with beer and brewing from the ancient Sumerian civilization. She is claimed to have provided the world with the secret for beer making.

Ninkasi is also famous for her power to satisfy human desire. She is daughter to the lord Nudimmud (Enki) and the queen of Abzu (Ninti), and one of the eight children created for the purpose of healing one the eight wounds suffered by Enki.

Additionally, she is the goddess of alcohol; borne of “sparkling fresh water” and made to “sate the heart” and “satisfy desire”. Ninkasi is the kind of beer goddess who prepares the drink every day.




Symbolized by white and crowns, a mummified form, crook and flail, and bull, Osiris was the god of earth and vegetation, or simply the god of agriculture. He was symbolized in his death the annual drought and his miraculous reincarnation the periodic flooding of the Nile and growth of grain.

Osiris was considered the god-king who gave Egypt civilization. He is also popularly known as the God of beer. Julius Caesar also acknowledges that Osiris was the one who taught the people how to use barley to brew a drink that is not vastly inferior to wine in potency and odor.


These are just some of the Ancient Deities with connections to beer or alcohol to drink a toast to or celebrate with a glass of beer this BeerFest. Because their followers believed and worshipped them, you can still enjoy some tasty beer today! Try to collect ALL the Gods on this years BeerGod Passes for the ultimate thanks to them!

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