Let’s all talk for a second about the hot diet trend that has been hitting the streets lately. Gluten-free! Everyone want’s that little green “gluten-free” label written on the food products in which they purchase. But what if a person is a beer lover? Unfortunately, there is no such product as gluten-free drink based solely on the fact that beer is the fermentation by yeast of an infusion of barley or wheat malt and hops or hop extract in potable water. So without yeast (which contains gluten) drinks can not be made.

However, there is a similar product on the shelves today that would trick even the biggest drinkers tend to forget that it technically can not be called “beer”. In order to make this gluten-free product, sorghum, a species of grass cultivated for its grain is used. Using sorghum means the product is free of all wheat or barely. Some believe that drinks made using sorghum rather than barley or wheat as somewhat of a more bitter taste, but hey if a person is gluten-free and wants a nice cold drink they need a product free of wheat and barley.

And surprise, there are over fifteen different brands of gluten-free drinks so if you are a person who truly can not consume gluten, keep trying all the different brands and kinds until you find the one you like. I am sure there will be one that will be perfect for you and your taste buds. Enjoy!

Photo by blondinrikard