Here’s a challenge! Ask a guy what his favorite dinner combination is. If they are like most you’ll hear beer and pizza, repeatedly. With so many different flavors of beer out there, it is no wonder why there’s a type to go with any style of pizza out there. So how can you find out what beer to order with your pizza?

Thanks to Chicago’s Home Run Inn Premium Pizzeria, pairing your beer with pizza has never been easier. They offer a comprehensive breakdown of what pizza will work harmoniously with a certain beer. From the dough to the sauce and even down to the cheese used to make the pizza, there are flavor profiles to consider. Let’s look at a couple classic slices and figure out what beer fits best.

Starting with cheese pizza, it is simple and offers an open palette to the consumer, but there is a fan favorite that will set this cheese slice apart. Typically, cheese pizza is best consumed with an American Pale Ale. With a reserved hop profile and the right level of bitterness, this style of beer offers the perfect complement to the classic cheese pizza.

Now let’s look at a not so plain slice of pizza. The vegetarian pesto pizza brings beer pairings to a different level. We aren’t just flavor profiling cheese here. We have various garden-fresh veggies that are screaming for a beer match. Taking advantage of the light earthy taste of the vegetarian pesto, a dark honey ale will do the trick. It will offer a smooth, dry, and sweet taste that offers this pizza a perfect pairing partner.

Photo by uıɐɾ ʞ ʇɐɯɐs