“Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer.” -Stephen Beaumont, Author of Premium Beer Drinker’s Guide: The World’s Strongest, Boldest and Most Unusual Beers.
Some of the top countries that drink beer are Canada, Czech Republic, Australia, the United States and Australia. Each country has a different top selling beer.

Canada’s Has a Taste for Bud
“This Bud’s for you” may be the Anheuser-Busch brewery’s slogan about their beer and it’s definitely accurate a slogan for Canada’s beer taste. The most liked beer in Canada is Budweiser. Budweiser has a lightness to it that is both sweet and bitter at once.

The Legendary Beer of the Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is the top beer drinking country in the world. The Czech Republic citizens’ favorite beer is the Czech Republic brewed beer Gambrinus beer. Gambrinus has a legend behind the name. Gambrinus is the name of a legendary king of Flanders who had an epic method behind his beer brewing method. It’s not exactly at King Arthur legend status, but it does make the Gambrinus beer seem that much more epic. It’s appropriate that the top beer drinking country on planet Earth has a legend behind the namesake of their favorite beer.

Australian’s Lager of Choice
Victoria Bitter is the top selling beer in Australia. Victoria Bitter was first brewed in Victoria, Melbourne by Thomas Aitken. It started becoming popular in the 1960’s among the Aussies after strong marketing campaigns. Victoria Bitter is not a bitter beer, even though it does have bitter in it’s name. It’s a standard beer and certainly not over the bitter. It has a bite to it, but it isn’t going to make you pucker up. It’s like a bittersweet memory on your tongue.

Light Beer a Favorite in the United States
Bud Light is the top dog beer in the United States. Bud Light is the light beer of the Anheuser-Busch beer brand. Budweiser Light became available in 1981. Bud Light is a top beer in the United States because it is from the largest brewing company in the United States and due to Americans having a concern for carb and calorie intake while still having a solid beer taste. It’s light beer while still having the Budweiser flavor.

United Kingdom Caring for Carling
In the United Kingdom the top brand of beer is Carling. Carling Brewing became the top beer in the United Kingdom in the 1980s. In the year 2009 four point one billion pints were sold in the United Kingdom alone. “Great taste every sip of the way” is the manifesto of Carling Brewery and they uphold that promise. They are the top beer in the United Kingdom because they are the most served beer at football sporting events, music events or any other entertainment events spent with best mates.

No matter where you are or what your favorite beer is, remember to always drink responsibly and safely.


Photo Credit: Pixabay.com