North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper


Edmonton’s International BeerFest is proud to have the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper as a sponsor of our event.

“Great beer starts with great water.”

Charity description:

North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper (NSRK) is a water preservation charity based in Edmonton, Alberta. We are the voice of the rivers, lakes and streams in your North Saskatchewan River (NSR) watershed. We are dedicated to the restoration, preservation and protection of the water quality and biodiversity of our watershed.

We are a member of the international Waterkeeper® Alliance.

Our vision is a watershed where we can all safely and enjoyably swim, drink and fish.

The NSRK’s activities are those which inform, connect, and protect.

We are focused on increasing awareness of the wonder and challenges of our swimmable waters in the Edmonton area and around Alberta.

With the Swim Guide website ( and free smartphone app, live education and outreach sessions at our beaches, a “hands on” marine presence, and responding to citizen’s pollution reports; we provide answers and guide thousands to safe beaches and water recreation.

We Inform.

NSRK is a great source of information about the NSR watershed. We’re guided by three questions: Can we swim in it? Drink from it? Fish on it? If not, why not? What can we do to help improve the water quality? From issues awareness and education, to advocacy and policy development, we work to not only inform, but to also provide answers. Visit our website www. to learn more.

We Connect.

Our goal is to encourage Albertans to safely and enjoyably connect with the NSR watershed. There are hundreds of beaches around the province, but how do you know if the water is safe? Now you can get real-time updates on beaches on the NSR watershed, around the province and beyond. Our new Swim Guide is available online at, or as a FREE download for your mobile device.

We Protect.

From pollution monitoring and action, to water quality research, information resources and guidance, we’re here to help find solutions.

The North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper is a registered Canadian charity (BN: 81873 8064 RR0001)

To learn more about this incredible charity please visit their website.

North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper