For decades, fine dining establishments have been recommending various wines to go with meals. Recently though, in the UK, restaurants have begun recommend beers to go with their food offerings, and it is a trend that’s catching on in North America as well. Next time you’re having a dinner party and want the perfect beer to accompany your food, try out some of these combinations.

Dunkel Lager

Brewed up for you by the Sly Fox Brewing Company, this dark beer with a caramel aftertaste is the perfect compliment to steaks and burgers. Get ready to impress your friends and family when you serve these together.


A pale ale offered by the Lagunitas brewing company, it’s the ideal drink to serve with anything slow seared and tangy and spicy. Its citrus tones make it perfect with chicken or pork.

Belgian White

Offered by the Blue Moon brewing company, its subtle and delicate hoppy flavor make this the beer of choice if you’re serving shellfish or any kind of seafood.

Schneider Weisse Unser Original

A German wheat beer, its light flavor is a great compliment to summer salads or grilled vegetable plates. With these dishes, you need something light so it doesn’t overpower the subtle flavors of the vegetables that are making up your main course.

Lindeman’s Kriek

This fantastic Belgian beer is a desert beer, no doubt. Fruity and earthy, it’s the perfect accompaniment to that lovely pie you’ve got waiting to spring on everyone for dessert.

Double Chocolate Stout

If your desert runs toward the more decadent, like say, a rich chocolate cake, then add to the decadence with this offering from Wells and Young. Cool and creamy, envision a beer infused with the essence of chocolate, coffee and nuts, then drink up.

If you find a restaurant in Edmonton offering these wonderful brews let us know!

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