Beer is now available for pre-order with the Beer Store’s new Beer Xpress service, accessible through the company’s Beer Store mobile app. The application is freely available for iPhone and Android devices. The Beer Xpress service also extends to desktop devices, allowing for pre-orders to be be made from a PC.

The service works by allowing you to select and order your beer ahead of time so that it is ready upon your arrival for pickup. Instead of selecting your beer at the location and waiting in line, you choose your beer ahead of time and skip the wait by going to their new Beer Xpress station for pickup. The stations bypass the lines and allow you to pay for your beer directly.

The service is an extension to the Beer Store’s mobile application, and is an attempt to broaden and enhance the overall customer experience. The company’s efforts in digital expansion include the application as well in-store touch screens for pricing information. The Beer Xpress service is the latest addition to the company’s technological expansion and is an extension to the Beer Store’s mobile application.

The Beer Store states that orders will generally be ready within 30 minutes of placing an order. All orders are subject to proper age verification.

As of now, the service is only available in 25 test locations throughout Ontario. The Beer Store intends to learn from the test run so that they can improve the quality of their service and eventually offer it in additional locations.


Photo by sk8geek