If you are like me then you have trouble deciding between a mixed drink and a beer. Well look no further because the beer cocktail may be just what the doctor ordered. This combination mixes beer with liquor to make a smooth but potent punch.

Some of the most popular choices are the Brass Monkey, Coronarita, Sake Bomb, and the Flaming Doctor Pepper. The Brass Monkey is a combination of ale with Brandy. Margarita lovers can relish in the Margarita and Corona combination of the Coronarita. The Sake Bomb features a shot of Sake dropped into a glass of ale while the Flaming Doctor Pepper tastes like its namesake and consists of a shot of Bacardi 151 dropped into a glass of one’s favorite pilsner. If you are looking for something a little strong then try a Boilermaker. The Boilermaker is a stout drink highlighting pilsner with a shot of whiskey.

This twist on some old traditions is an excellent choice for the undecided and most of the recipes have a smooth taste. However, this a strong drink so even though in this case its okay to mix liquor with ale start out slow and remember if this drink proves to be too much you can always begin the next morning with a choice from Canada. The Breakfast Cocktail is a favorite in Canada and with ingredients such as bourbon, coffee, and pale ale it is sure to kick start your day.

Photo by niseag03