A local brewery of Chilliwack River Valley, British Columbia has launched a new brew. The company, Old Yale Brewing is known for their quality beer that captures the outdoor vibes of BC. It was founded in 1999, and has been working since to come up with innovative new beers that have a local flavor. Old Yale Brewing just launched a new year-round brand called Old Paddle Pilsner, which is named after the equipment that is used at the brewery. The beer has a clean malt profile with a hopped finish. This golden lager has a 5% above and 20 IBU, and is best served with with a nice round of appetizers. Old Yale Brewing will be found all over stores across British Columbia in 650 ml bottles and 335 ml cans. Currently, the beer is sold at the Old Yale retail store. Old Yale is known for their creativity and innovation when it comes to creating new brands, and Old Paddle Pilsner is no exception. Their trailblazing efforts to establish fresh, new brew has been noted with many brewing awards over the years, and the brand is becoming a household name. Be sure to check your local store today to taste Old Paddle Pilsner today, and be a part of the brewing revolution.

Photo by Pretty/Ugly Design