No one wants to drink stale beer, and now there is an Android app that is going to help you learn when your beer is stale. It actually gauges when your beer will start to falter based on when you bought it and what is printed on the bottle. You just need to make sure that you put all your beer into the app so that you can get a readout on what it will do. You can drink the beer in a certain order based on what the app tells you, and then you can use the app to tell you when it is time to get more beer.

You can actually get rid of beer that is past its prime, and you might even check out beers on the shelf that have passed their prime based on what is printed on the bottle. The app can stop you from buying beer that is not going to last very long, and you will know if you need to drink it right now or drink it later.

You also need to make sure that you get alerts from the app when you are holding onto beer. You need all the information you can get when you are trying to enjoy your beer, and it will really help you when you are working in a restaurant. Bartenders can use the app to learn a lot about their beer, and you can use it as the manager to make sure that you are selling the right beer at the right time. This simple app tells you a lot about your beer, and it increases enjoyment for everyone when they crack open a bottle.


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