There are times throughout the day that a person really deserves a beer, and Canada has made that a lot easier for Canadians. Last year the beer company, Molson launched a commercial about having basically a container on the sidewalk, that you can just open a grab a nice cold one.

Just recently, the commercial actually became a reality. Located in the official Canada House in the Olympic Village sits a fridge, that can be opened and anyone can grab a beer. So if you are having a rough day, all you have to do is go up to the fridge and have your Canadian passport scan, and there you have it, the fridge will unlock.

This story involving the Canadian refrigerator has been one of the utmost popularity because Molson is rewarding well-deserved Canadians with a cold one on a hot day. The Olympics has been taking over the media recently; however, this story managed to make headlines as well, and it is clear why.

A little insight into the Molson beers brewing company, they were actually established in Montreal Canada in 1786, so they have been around a very long time. In 2005, Molson merged with US-based company Coors and formed Molson Coors Brewing Company whose products are sold in the United States as well as Canada. The merger of Coors and Molson made the company the world’s seventh-largest brewing industry, so maybe they thought it was time to give back to their loyal customers? This is certainly one way to do just that!

Photo by onacadan (Pixabay)