There’s good news for you in days to come, residents of Ontario. A new set of grocery retailers selling beer and cider for your convenience.

The LCBO has just announced that they will be opening the next wave for selling beer and cider in grocery stores around Ontario, Canada. Eighty licences will be available for bidding. Thus begins new competition for selecting which retailers will be able to obtain these licences.

This is meant to be an open, fair and transparent proceeding in turn. All grocery retail sellers, who are eligible, will get to bid on the specific terms of finance, through which they may then purchase beer directly from the LCBO. All bidders with success will later be re-screened and given the opportunity to apply to the AGCO, which stands for the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Applications will go toward the authority to sell beer and cider in the area. Ontario’s grocery stores have sold plenty of alcohol thus far, a process which began in 2015 of December in over 60 unique locations that have been licenced to sell. This rising number has now grown to 130 unique outlet stores. Plenty of cider sales were added in the last year alone.

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