From beer to donating money to charity, the Canada Oktoberfest brought a lot of cheer and fine spirits this past month. Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade for the Onkel Hans Food Drive was a success, generating around $11,500 and about 10,000 pounds of food, displaying the kindness of Waterloo’s citizens.

Starting at King and Cedar in Kitchener the parade made its way to Bridgeport Road in Waterloo, having various marching bands, jugglers, and even a maypole. Bringing food to families in need and celebrating Oktoberfest is something they take pride in. It’s no wonder the festival has lasted for over 40 years time.

It’s hard to deny the claim that they are the best Bavarian festival in Canada, from car shows, great beer, and family and culture events. These range from music, vendors, and information booths that liven the festival up overall, creating a great atmosphere for everyone that attends.

On top of donating meals to those in need, the festival also promotes local breweries and business, allowing them to reach a broader market. Tasting a new flavor of beer during these events is almost traditional for those in attendance.

The success of 2016’s parade goes to show you that good deeds and spirits can make a difference in a real positive way. Will next year’s event surpass this one? Only time will tell.


Photo by GoToVan