There are many different ways to host an amazing beer party, but there are a few things that you should always keep in mind while planning one. There will be two key ingredients to every party these are: the beer and the people. You will want to take your time with the first one.

There are literally thousands and thousands of different beer brands, and hundreds of varieties as well. A true beer lover will always have their preferred style and brand. However this is not a party for one, so the first rule when selecting the beer for a party is now your audience. You will want to have varieties that your guests enjoy or that you think they will enjoy when they try them.

While it is true that some people can just guzzle down any type of beer you want to keep an open mind while planning your party. You will want to select a variety of beers that will give people the opportunity to test and experiment with their palate. They will enjoy this new experience and probably thank you for it as well. It is important not to feel bad if you make a selection that someone does not enjoy as much because all of our tastes are different. If this happens just pass them a different one.

The second key factor to an awesome time is the people. When planning this type of party you will want to invite those over who you know will enjoy beer tasting. This will give them an opportunity to expand their horizons and try new things. In the end you can invite who ever you want as long as they are coming in with an open mind and anxious to have fun. Remember to have a fridge, mini fridge or cooler available to place your beers in. it is very important to keep the beers cold!

There is nothing like a nice cold beer and good company. So relax and open your first beer because you are about to have a great time!