You probably know which beer you like best. You might how much it costs. You may know where it’s sold. But how much do you really know about beer? Here are some amazing trivia to share with your friends.

1. All vitamins and minerals necessary for good health can be found in beer and other alcohol beverages.

2. Early recipes for beer sometimes included mushrooms, poppy seeds, butter, bay leaves, sugar, aromatics, honey, and bread crumbs.

3. Beer was first sold in bottles in 1850. It was first sold in cans in 1935.

4. If you collect beer bottles you are a labeorphilist.

5.  In eleventh-century England, a bride would distribute ale to her wedding guests in exchange for donations to the newlyweds. This brew, known as Bride Ale, is the origin of the word ‘bridal.

6. The powers that be at Guinness say that a pint of beer is lifted about ten times, and each time about 0.56 ml is lost in a beer drinker’s facial hair.  That’s a lot of wasted beer!

7. U.S. beer sales surpass that of both wine and spirits combined. (2007)
Beer Sales: $98 billion
Spirits Sales: $62.6 Billion
Wine Sales: $28.1 Billion

8. Noah loaded his ark with beer according to Assyrian tablets dated to about 2000 BC.

9. The first beer six-pack of beer was sold in the 1940s. It was designed to be light enough for most people to carry easily.

10. Belgium has over 400 brands of beer.

Source: Beer Trivia, Genius of Drinking

Photo Credit: Shutterstock