Perhaps, you are in a quandary concerning the appropriate beer gift for a special friend or a family member. The fact is that brew drinkers are a very diverse group. Some like a good old fashioned brew, while others prefer one of the newer craft brews. Hopefully, the gift ideas here should inspire you.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit
Satisfy your friend or family member with their very own kit. Make the brew at home, using the same techniques used by master brewers for years. This kit includes easy to follow recipes. Next game night, perhaps your friend will invite you over to sample their homemade drinks.

Making Brew IPA Style
How about a book on making the best IPA style brew around. Mitch Steele has composed a great book on the old tradition. The book includes the history, practice, and recipes. The book has received top ratings by readers and others in the industry.

Gone are the days, when the average Joe or Jane gulped down their brew in a can. Today’s generation would prefer customized glasses to drink their brew. Those on a budget might prefer a few generic editions at a local retailer.

Getting Crafty
Just about every city has their own special craft brand. Research around and discover those hidden local craft brews. These ideas are really hot. Ask the staff at a local craft beer shop to select just the right blend for your friend or family member.

There are several magazines that discuss beers and brew making. Why not give gift that keeps on giving all year long. A magazine.

Photo by alles (Pixabay)