December is when thousands of fans will flock to movie theaters around the globe. That’s because the latest installment in Star Wars comes out. The film is already seeing success when it comes to pre-ticket sales. While many people are waiting patiently, they are wondering what they can do in the meantime to pass the time and celebrate that much-anticipated release. A few companies have come up with an answer! They’ve marketed Star Wars beer for all of those who are anxiously awaiting.

For all you fans of Startroopers, there is a stout available for you! The Imperial Stout Trooper is brewed by New England Brewing Company. It’s been said to have chocolate and coffee flavors infused together. A sweet malty flavor finishes off this stout as well.

The Empire Brewing Company has crafted a Strikes Bock lager, it’s a play on the popular title from the series. Strikes Bock is a traditional German style Mai-Bock. The characteristics of this lager are a malt forward, a medium body, and an overall dry peppery flavor.

Gilgamesh Brewing has come out with a Vader coffee Cascadian dark ale for all of those who are feeling a little dark. This is a black IPA that is mixed with coffee. It’s a delicious brew that will awaken and delight the taste buds. Vader may be a villain in the movies but this dark ale is not. It’s complimentary to almost anyone.

Overall, it’s never too early to start celebrating the release of Star Wars with one of these beers. The beer will help you pass the time and commemorate the movie until its release.

Photo by Artiee