Call for Workshops


It”s simple, School for Beer! Throughout the festival our school is in session. BeerSchool offers classes on Beer Tasting, Brewing, food pairing, History, Arts and Crafts and Phys-ed.

This years Curriculum will be posted on our website and updates will happen frequently as the start of school approaches.

Moonshine 101 – West of 5th Distillery

Learn from the remarkable success of the family owned and operated Alberta business about how they make some of the best moonshine on the market. From the tastings of summer strong “Strawberry Rhubarb”, to Sunday Morning “Espresso”, to rock and roll late-night vibe of “White Lightening”, their selection alone is unparalleled.

Beer and Charcuterie Pairing – Olds College Brewery

Craft beer and charcuterie belong together. Maxwell Rude and Matthew Gauthier, students in Brewmaster and Brewery Operation Management Program at Olds College, are proud to host a Beer and Charcuterie Pairing event at Beer School. Come taste delicious beers brewed by the brewmaster to become and match them with different charcuteries prepared by students from the Meat Processing Certificate program. Max and Matthew will guide you to hone your skills and improve your sensory analysis.

The Power of Sour – Alley Kat Brewing

Sours are taking over the world! At least that’s the way it seems these days. The style has seen a dramatic rise in popularity, and now you have a chance to learn how brewers put the power in sour. Chase Gordon, Production Manager at Alley Kat Brewing Company, will describe the different styles of sour beer, the methods for making them, and how Alley Kat brews their popular sours.

A Need for Mead – Fallentimber Meadery

If someone offers you a glass of mead and you have a brief moment of story land wonder, thinking “How did I end up at the Renaissance Faire?,” Mead is quickly on its way to becoming THE way to get a buzz, but do you actually know anything about it—besides its frequent links to medieval culture? Chris Molyneux, the sales manager at Fallentimber, member of the family and lover of good things will take you through the history of Meadery at Fallentimber (our favourite Meadsters!!) and will provide samplings of three of their most popular products. Get there early cause seating on this one will be hard to get.

Craft Beer Trends | Low to No Alcohol – Village Brewery

Today, non-alcoholic beer is experiencing an unprecedented boom on the craft side of the market. The target audience has expanded. Low to no alcohol beers are enjoyed by a variety of folks such as expectant mothers who miss the refreshing taste of a cold beer, athletes who are training in endurance sports but have caught on to the idea of this bevvie for its anti-inflammatory benefits, or perhaps for someone who’s craving a stout with their dinner but has to drive themselves home. Whatever the case may be, the world of no/low ABV beer has changed drastically. Join Jay Wright from Village Brewery as we delve into this trend in the beer industry for 2020 and in the future.