The benefits of supporting your local brewery aren’t limited to the awesome beer, the great food or the wonderful camaraderie. Supporting your local brewery means that you are contributing to the local economy and ensuring that the brewery and your locality thrive.

It’s easy to see how being a patron of a local brewery contributes directly and indirectly to the local economy. The brewery pays taxes to the local government, which ensures that, with every bill you pay there, there is money going to the local economy. There is also the added factor of jobs being generated with the growth of the local brewery. Some of the better known local breweries go on to mass produce their beer to be sold across the country, and this generates even more jobs for the town. With brewing being a skill that takes years to perfect, interested individuals will benefit greatly from helping out at the brewery and learning on the job.

Pub food has always been a unique cuisine and local breweries go to great lengths to carry on the tradition. Most local breweries have a menu that pairs their food with the beer available and the combinations can be mouthwatering. It’s a good reason to choose the pub over a fast food chain for a hearty dinner.

Buying merchandise is also a great way to support your local brewery. Buying a t shirt or a cap not only helps you show your support for the brewery but also gives them some free publicity. Advertising can be expensive, so the small cost you pay for the t-shirt or the cap may mean huge savings for the brewery!

If your brewery is in a farming town, this means that some farmers can diversify their crop and add barley to their crop rotation. This will ensure that the brewery has a convenient source for their main ingredient and farmers have a permanent customer. Another boost for the local economy.

At the end of the day, it’s not a hard task to support your local brewery. The food is good, the beer even better and the merchandise is a great reminder of the place you love.