Canadians spend billions of dollars on beer every year. This is not surprising, considering that Canadian beet is considered to be made better, better tasting, and delivers a greater kick compared to other American beers. In addition, it stays cold longer, given the northern weather.

Every Canadian province and territory has its own beer that the locals love to call their own. Be it a small-batch brew or craft beer, the following is a list of top Canadian beer brands that are considered favourites by both beer lovers and the North American Brewers Awards.

  1. Labatt 

Labatt’s Blue Pilsner has been a Canadian favourite since it was created in 1951. On top of that, it is the best-selling Canadian lager in the world. Besides the popular Blue, Labatt brews other labels, like the Labatt 50 ale that was introduced in 1950.

It is important to note that Labatt is no longer a pure Canadian brand. In 1995, it was acquired by Belgian-based Interbrew, which then combined with Brazil’s AmBev in 2004, before merging with Anheuser Busch in 2008 to create the largest brewing entity in the world.

  1. Moosehead

This is Canada’s oldest independent brewery that was started in 1867 by Susannah Oland in Nova Scotia. The brewery went through a series of fires, deaths, and name changes, eventually becoming Moosehead Breweries Ltd in 1947. Some people consider Moosehead the true Canadian beer, and have even made it the Canadian National Basketball Association’s official beer. The brewery produces ales and lagers.

  1. Whistler 

Anyone who enjoys craft beers has definitely sampled some of the Whistler Brewing Company beers. The brewery was established in Whistler, British Columbia in 1989, and organises tours for fans looking to witness the brewing process and taste the magnificent craft brews at their source.

  1. Sleeman Unibroue 

This is one Canadian brand that consistently wins with its La Fin du Monde on the beer Advocate website. The brewery has won numerous awards in North America, including 183 international awards for its brews, with La Fin du Monde – a Golden Ale – earning the bulk of those awards. The brewery also has a bunch of other beers.

So, while some people may be opting for imported beers from Mexico and the US, there is still plenty of local beer brands to try out.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock