Big News About Beer

Patrons will enjoy the annual Edmonton International BeerFest a lot more now. The head of Clinical Pharmacology at the University Hospital of Basel, Professor Matthias Liechti, completed scientific studies on the effects of beer. The study relied on 30 men and 30 women who drank the brew and a non-alcoholic brew to formulate the after-effects. Professor Liechti noted that there have been few studies in the past regarding the effects of this beverage.

However, the study showed conclusively that beer makes people feel happier, a little sexier and more relaxed. The study allowed for .4 grams per liter which didn’t make participants drunk.

Good for Business

The Annual Edmonton International BeerFest draws thousands of patrons and exhibitors each year to this capital of the province of Alberta. Canada is known around the world for its production of a variety of brews.

The beerfest allows the major brewers the opportunity to display their signature products to crowds of avid lovers of Canadian brew. Brewers throughout Canada participate in this event to further their international recognition within the brewery industry.

Science and a Cold, Canadian Brew – Good for You

It is well known to lovers of Canadian brew that the beverages are highest quality due to the purity of the water used in the process and excellent quality grains that are homegrown in several provinces. These factors account for the scientific results found by Professor Liechti in his study. The best way to really prove the results is to enjoy Canada’s finest brews at the Edmonton annual event.

Photo by Christine Rondeau