While beer is either ale or lager, each of these styles has an infinite array of aromas, mouthfeels, flavors, colors, and appearances. Consequently, beer exceeds all other beverages concerning variations and varieties. It’s therefore a perfect candidate for matching with food. Here are a few reasons to pair beer and food:

1. Serving food with beer makes every bite a joy
Here is how beer does this:
– It cleanses the palate and keeps it ready for the coming food.
– Beer enhances the flavor in food by subtly complementing the sweet, tempering the spicy and lifting the oils.
– Every kind of food can pair nicely with some beer.

2. Though flavorful, beer has a low alcohol content
With a moderate level of alcohol, beer is:
– An excellent choice at social events
– A good choice to match food where drink pairings are served
– A refreshing drink in warm weather and a comforting selection in cool weather.

3. Pairing beer and food is relatively easy
When matching beer and food, you only need to make four basic considerations namely:
Cut – offset the dominant flavors in food by proper beer selection
Contrast- highlight flavors by choosing pairs that are remarkably different
Complement- finding pairs that go together ‘naturally.’
Match intensity and strength- Typically, delicate dishes go with delicate beers and flavorful food with assertive beers.

Pouring & Glassware

As you pair food and beer, pouring and choice of glassware is also crucial. Make sure you have a minimum of two fingers of foam when you are done pouring your beer. A beer head holds the brew’s flavor in the glass. It also ensures a fuller taste and a smoother beer. To build a beer head, keep your glass upright on the table and let the brew splash down the center of the glass.

Regarding glassware, select your glassware to complement the type of beer you choose. Typically:

1. A flute glass enhances and showcases carbonation.
2. A goblet or chalice is designed to maintain head and offer deep sips.
3. A mug or stein is easy to drink out of and holds plenty of volumes.
4. A pint glass is easy to drink out of and easy to store.

Additionally, follow the following glassware rules to enhance the whole experience:

1. Reserve your beer glasses for beer alone and never serve other beverages in them.
2. Always serve your beer in a wet glass.
3. Never wash your beer glass with soap.
4. Never dry your beer glass, rather turn it upside down to drain out water.

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Photo Credit: FreeImages.com/ Afonso Lima