If you’re looking for an effective pain relieve other than Tylenol, try beer. A study conducted by Dr. Trevor Thompson from the University of Greenwich, and published in The Journal of Pain, discovered that raising your blood alcohol level to .08% (the legal limit) increases the capacity for pain significantly. This equates to the consumption of three or four glasses. Surprised? Probably not. 
If you drink any type of alcoholic beverage on a regular basis, you know that it dulls your senses. Besides slurring speech, liquor also diminishes the impact of a fall or bump. A perfect example is a bar fight. Participants might bruise each other up, but won’t feel the impact from a black eye until the next day. The side effects go full force and with them comes immense pain. Yet, health experts warn against the use of beer as a pain reliever. 

Although potent, substituting beer for other types of pain reliever proves dangerous. Studies show the addictive nature of alcohol. Also, the number of calories in this beverage are high. So, the cons out weigh the pros. In other words, drink a cold one to relieve a headache only when no other options exist and you can exact self control.

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Photo by Jamiesrabbits