As the festivities continue to scale and people rush to acquire gifts for their loved ones, there is one group of people who seem to be as calm as ever: the beer lovers. Beer is handcrafted, available in over 100 styles, and has its own decorative packaging, which eliminates the need for wrapping. Plus the fact that the recipient will most probably share a glass with you, making it the ultimate gift for this season. However, there are many other good gifts that can be just as pleasing to beer lovers.


Proper glassware is a must have for any beer lover, not only for their aesthetic value, but also to enhance the taste of beer and the drinking experience. Just like you need a glass to pour your wine, you also need the right glassware to appreciate the striking characteristics of your beer.

Nuts, Cheese or Meats

There are a few things that pair well with beer to make any drinking experience so much more incredible, and you can never go wrong with some artisan cheeses, nuts and meats. You can expect the recipients to devour them fast owing to their awesomeness, so make sure to purchase enough to last longer than a moment.

Bottle keeper

There is nothing good like a cold beer, and the vacuum-insulated stainless steel growler promises to do just that. The best thing about these coolers is that they can keep your drinks cold, carbonated and safe for longer than 24 hours, allowing you to enjoy your favorite alcohol during overnight trips and long hikes.

Home brewing Equipment

A brewing starter kit makes the perfect gift for home brewers or those aspiring to be home brewers. The kit contains different supplies and equipment that can significantly enhance the home brewing experience. If you are not certain about what the recipient needs, you can purchase a few ingredients, or get them a gift card.

Beer Bottle Cufflinks

Every now and then, everyone needs to dress up when attending a function or celebration. Not many people wear cufflinks, but you may manage to change the minds of a few beer lovers by getting them some with beer bottles on them.

Beer Nerd Board Game

Beer taps into the playful side of the brain, and while one’s attraction to the opposite sex seems to scale significantly, so does the need to interact more closely with drinking buddies. Nothing achieves this better than a trivia board game to challenge your beer knowledge while having lots of fun. It has multiple choices, so you do not have to be so informed to win.