Manage the health of your hair, with a beer.
If you find that your hair is in need of an affordable, healthy enhancement, it may be that you need to visit a brewery instead of the salon. The essential ingredients that beer contains, namely hops and malt are known to be high in protein which is essential for maintaining the health of your hair’s cuticles.

Hair goes through a lot of stress, from consistent atmospheric contaminates to the shampoos that we use. Dry, frizzy, broken hair strands may actually be avoidable from a regular, topical application of beer from your local brewery. As an added benefit, your hair will better reflect the visible light spectrum, causing your hair to appear shinier and healthier.

Using equal parts of water to beer, combine at room temperature with an additional couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to assist with the removal of the alcohol scent. Then, follow through with your normal shampoo and conditioning routine, but rinse the conditioner out by using the recipe. Allow the concoction to soak into your hair for around 5 minutes, before rinsing with water.

Be consistent, apply this recipe once a month for regular results and it saves you money by avoiding clarifying shampoos. To create your own leave-in conditioner, place the mix into a spray bottle and apply as needed.

For a quick shampoo alternative, heat one cup of the mix over medium heat, reducing the amount to one-quarter cup by slowly boiling off the alcohol. When the mix has cooled down, preferably to room temperature, you have a high protein shampoo, ready to use.

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