Beer has been immensely popular since the establishment of civilization, so it only makes sense that inventors would take it upon themselves to craft some stellar products that make the consumption of this hoppy beverage that much greater. Though plenty of these inventions enhance the general flavor, most of them pay homage to the art of making this age-old drink. So, what were the best inventions in 2015?

The uKeg Pressurized Growler

Imagine having a mini keg that you are able to keep in your own fridge. What makes this item far better than just that, though, is that it is very portable and the alcohol comes out perfectly at the right temperature, consistency, and flavor.

The Slip Cup

Beer pong has been popular for decades among drinkers, but few have paid thought to just how unsanitary the game actually is. Essentially, a dirty ping pong ball falls in a cup and the losing opponent must then consume that tainted liquid. The slip cup acts as a trap for this ball, however, and is easily removed when one is ready to take a sip.


This is an appliance that is relatively the same size as a microwave. Designed to brew craft beer that is of the utmost quality, this invention has helped people develop more acquired tastes easily and in the comfort of their own homes.

Mount Hood Glass

This is anything but a simple mug and is accented with a 3D image of Mount Hood. It is sturdy, striking, and perfect for a cold brew.

Oak Bottle

Much like the concept of aging wine or whiskey, this oak bottle will age whatever is placed inside of it while concurrently enhancing its flavor.


Much like a Keurig, this makes a multitude of beers right on the kitchen counter. Equipped with recipes and concise instructions, the MiniBrew is the best for those wishing to expand their horizons and save money.

Photo by rightee