If you plan to go to the 2018 Edmonton International Beer Festival next year think about getting the Trayvax Element a wallet designed for the beer lover. It is made of leather and has a metal clip to hold money, a beer opener, and rear section for cash and cards. It holds up to 10 credit or debit cards designed to provide security.

Any man will feel comfortable and secure with this item at festivals. It is made of leather and steel and fits comfortably in your front pocket. It has RFID protection that protects your credit cards from electronic theft. They use special materials that protect your cards from being read. When you use the Trayvax wallet while traveling your money is secure.

The Trayvax Element is a slim and made in the United States. It is tough and can be used on the job, in construction, and warehouses. The best part is that is has a lifetime warranty. It comes in several different colors to suit your tastes like stealth black, canyon red, brown, Mississippi Mud, and tobacco brown.

A beer lover will find the Trayvax Element withstands the elements of a wild beer festival and other special events. This versatile wallet is designed for the beer lover, rugged outdoors person, the office, and everyday use. Well made and rugged it is a good investment.

Our annual BeerFest in Edmonton offers some of the best selections from the micro brewing community. Those interested in attending the event in 2018 can keep up to date by liking our Facebook page.