For brewery fans, we are offering a list of 5 of the oldest breweries in the world. These aren’t in order of when they were built, but simply a few of our favorites.

St. James Gate

In 1759, St. James Gate was founded in Dublin, Ireland. This is exactly where Guinness hails from, providing millions of beer lovers with deliciousness.


In 1615, Grolsch was founded in Groenlo, Netherlands. They are old and produce the most popular lager in the Netherlands and has been around for a long time. It is a beautiful location to enjoy scenically and take in some delicious libations.


Molson is not only the first one in North America, but more specifically located in Canada. The Montreal Molson location was the first in Canada and it is the most famous brewery there. It is even well known in the United States. Old is in.

Weltenburg Abbey Brewery

The Weltenburg Abbey was founded in 1050 in Kelheim, Germany. This location has been more than just a place to get beer. 400 years earlier, it was a monastery. Eventually, it became the place it is now known and loved for. With such a history, there are various reasons to visit that location.

The Stiegl

Founded in 1492 in Salzburg, Austria, The Stiegl continues to provide libations. Not only that, but it has been expanded to offer food at breweries and taste testing. This is a great location to visit. Famous classical musician, Mozart, loved to relax with a Stiegl in his downtime, which speaks volumes to how truly delicious the beer is.

Photo by Stacey Huggins