Human beings have enjoyed beer for many years. Consequently, we have developed an intricate relationship with this popular beverage. The relationship has its equal measure of facts and myths. Here are some of the biggest beer-related misconceptions, and why they are false.

1. Beer will make you grow a Beer Gut, Cocktails Won’t.
According to a study authored by Dr. Kathryn O’Sullivan, the “beer belly” phenomenon is a myth. During the study, the nutritionist found no conclusive scientific evidence linking beer to weight gain. She also noted that beer has fewer calories by volume than spirits, wine, and even orange juice.

Though many people doubted O’Sullivan’s findings, other leading nutritionists agree that beer bellies are due to excessive calories from different sources. Beer has its calories, yes, but there are other calories-laden food and drinks to avoid. And, cocktails have significantly more calories than beer.

2. Beer Should be Served Very Cold.
There are many misconceptions on the temperature beer should be stored and drank. One of the myths is that beer should always be served cold.
Since there is no consensus on the proper serving temperature, experiment with different temperatures until you establish your preferred serving temperature for different beer styles.

Regarding chilled beer, remember that your taste buds will become dead to the taste of beer that is too cold. You won’t taste the beer as you should, and that means less enjoyment.

3. To Enjoy Beer, Drink it From the Bottle.
To enjoy your beer, you should involve your taste buds and your sense of smell. A beer bottle is too small for the drinker to get a whiff of the beverage. Drinking beer from the bottle is, therefore, akin to drinking red wine out of its bottle. You can’t evaluate your drink this way.

4. Beer Is Simpler than Wine.
This misconception derives from the fact that you only need water, malt, yeast and hops to make beer. While beer is essentially a four ingredients product, modern brewing is like cooking. Like the chef, the brewer has the license to experiment. Craft brewers add all manner of things to beer, and that is not possible with wine.

5. All Dark Beers Are Heavy.
Most people assume that all dark beers are heavy. Contrary to this opinion, dark beers are not dark because they are intense. They owe their color to the roast level of the malt used to make them.



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