Beer tasting should be a full olfactory experience. However, many factors can alter your senses impacting on your overall experience. For instance, tobacco, strong perfumes, salty or greasy food can overstimulate your senses making them less sensitive to delicate beer flavors. Here are five beer tasting tips to take your beer tasting and drinking to a blissful level.

1. Serve at the Right Temperature

The temperature of a drink determines how it releases its aroma and flavor. If you serve your beer too cold, you will lose its aroma. The cold will also numb your taste buds muting or masking tastes. Conversely, if you serve your beer too hot, its flavor will be too strong. You will also lose the liveliness of the beer bubbles, and your drink will not be as refreshing as it should.
Serve your ales cold and your lagers cold. Also, follow the master brewer’s recommendations indicated on the bottle.

2. Pour it Properly

Proper pouring helps pull out aromas, release flavors, loosen and stimulate carbonization and form and retain a good head of froth. If you pour too gently, aromas will be lost. If you pour too hard, you will drive away carbonization prematurely.
For best results, tilt your glass to between 20-40 degrees. Start swirling gently and let the drink squirt to the bottom of the glass. Gradually get more aggressive. When you have a suitable foam, let the rest of the drink smoothly slide down the side of the glass. Aim for an excellent 2 cm head and make sure not to fill the glass too much.

3. Engage All Your Senses

Our senses are closely tied, and they jointly influence our perception. Drink under good lighting to enjoy your beer’s color and clarity. Listen to the sharp hiss when you open the bottle and the intoxicating glug of beer smoothly pouring into the glass. Watch the foam forming and collapsing on the surface of the beer. Before taking your first sip, take a moment and smell the beer. Note how the drink feels on your lips and the texture of the beer in your mouth.

4. Take Your Time

After sipping, don’t swallow your beer immediately. Allow the drink to wander and explore your palate. Note the mouthfeel. Taste the sweetness at the front of your tongue and the bitterness at the back. Try to detect other flavors. Continue appreciating those flavors and aromas.

5. Choose Your Drinking Atmosphere and Company

Beer is best enjoyed in a comfortable, calm, and friendly atmosphere. At such times, your body and mind are not distracted, and your acute senses are not blurred. You are comfortable both physically and mentally and ready to experience your beer.

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