The trend for home breweries and craft beers has led to an explosion of inventive and original beer label designs. Here are some of the best.

Wine bottles may get a lot more of the spotlight when it comes to label design, but a recent trend to home breweries and the growing popularity of small run craft beers is opening up a whole new world in beverage label design.

While companies such as InBev may have the market cornered in terms of big name beers like Budweiser, Beck’s, or Stella Artois, it’s the smaller brew houses – which you may never of heard of until now – that are getting really creative with their label designs. So here we’ve gathered together 05 of the most creative examples of beer bottle label designs to inspire you.

5. Half Acre
Half Acre describes its beer as “a reflection of those that    keep it alive, the people that hoist the beer and the places  where it’s found” – and that ethos is also reflected within the  labels. After each beer is lovingly crafted, the label is  designed to reflect the inspiration behind the brew. Ranging  from cats and robots to donkeys and daisies, the label  designs are just as delicious as you’d expect the beer to be.


4. Russell Brew Co. Angry Scotch Ale
Why wrap your beer bottle with a label that can  peel off when you can print it right on the bottle?  Russell Brewing Co.’s Angry Scotch Ale, brought to  you by the people at Atmosphere Design, features  ink right on the bottle. It’s a good way to save on  paper and glue while also creating a striking  design.


3. St. Stefanus
When you look at the label created by Brandhouse for St. Stefanus, you are seeing history. In fact you are seeing almost 700 years of beer brewing tradition, dating back to the Augustijn monks who originated the recipe. Some elements of the font used on the bottle and label even come from songbooks found in the Augustijn’s monastery library.


2. Innis & Gunn
If you haven’t heard of the creative team at Stranger & Stranger then their design for the Innis & Gunn label is great introduction. They do some of the best package design work in the industry, which is easily reflected in the amount of detail you see in this Innis & Gunn label. They manage to invoke both a classic and modern aesthetic with the use of red and gold and classic illustration elements.


1. Hilliard’s Brewery
We can’t discuss beer labels without throwing in at least one beercan design. Seattle’s latest craft beers from Hilliard’s Brewery are a testament to classic Americana. The can design from Mint explores a feeling of nostalgia for the ’70s with its use of font, dominant blue and white colour, and earth tone plaid patterns.


Source: Brilliant Beer Designs