The first thing you have to do when you start planning your brewery is come up with a name. You can go with something classy, like say, “Classy Ales.” Or you could go a different route altogether and name your brewery “Ass Clown.” Or “Big Beaver.” We found 10 incredible brewery names. An argument could be made that some of the names on this list are in poor taste, but you could also argue that these names are awesome. Check out the gallery and decide for yourself.

  •    Ass Clown Brewing, Cornelius, N.C.
  • Belching Beaver, Vista, California
  • Below Grade Brewing, Bend, Oregon
  • Big Beaver Brewing, Loveland, Colorado
  • Broken Tooth Brewing, Anchorage, Alaska
  •      Dirty Bucket Brewery, Woodinville, Washington


  •       Pinglehead Brewing Company, Orange Park, Florida


Source: Great Brewery Names